Omar Kassim

I’m Omar Kassim, an eternally optimistic technology enterpreneur!


I work at Nomod, a new digital challenger bank for MENA and South Asia.

I previously founded JadoPado, an e-commerce marketplace platform that we exited to in May 2017.

I have also spent time working in and building out my family business, Esanjo Ventures, a trading, investment and technology business, that we use for most of our activities in the region.


I recently consolidated my more analytical posts covering regional startups over at Varhunt such as my dive into Careem's cap table or this crazy long post digging into's beta.

Varhunt is my place for formal work content, whilst personal content, and idle thoughts and ideas sit on this site.

I also occassionaly write elsewhere such as this piece in Entreprenuer Middle East about how we went about building JadoPado.


I generally avoid doing events (the Internet is an incredibly efficient teacher), but do turn up when necessary.

I am however happy to speak publicly when the right opportunity arise or if I think it may be fun to do so!

Previous Topics

If you think it may be fun to have me speak at an upcoming event, please feel free to reach out!


It's easiest to contact me on Twitter or if you really really need to, you can email me.