A Deep Dive Into Saudi Culture

In 2014, Studio D were commisioned by STC to help them build a digital first telco operator from the ground up to cater to "the Saudi »

Three Years of Aramex E-Commerce Data

Every year Iyad Kamal gets on the stage at the region's largest technology conference, Arabnet Digital Summit and piles into a stream of data that he's »

What is Souq Worth?

I thought it would be a fun exercise to have a dig through Naspers' publicly available reports and financials to see if I could arrive at »

The Funding Gap

When we started JadoPado in September 2010, the technology space in the region was virtually non-existent, save a few valiant efforts. Today, we have startup accelerator »

Talabat Maths: Why Rocket Said Yes

Last week brought the incredible news that Talabat, a Kuwait based online food ordering service, was bought out by Rocket Internet for USD 170 million, turning »